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Random Perspective: Images from March 2003
Clare Short Being Fired
Clare Short was fired from the Government (at Saddam Hussein) following her anti war stance on Iraq.
Osama Bin Laden Streaking Outside the White House
George W. Bush took no notice of Bin Laden's terrorist antics until they began to annoy him.
Tony Blair and George W. Bush
The reaction of George W. Bush and Tony Blair after the French Minister started to feel ill at the United Nations.
George W. Bush
George W. Bush regularly wins the White House's scrabble tournaments. Particualrly when playing "War-Themed" Scrabble
Jedi Army
New Government Plans means that nearly 400,000 British Jedi Knights will be fighting alongside American Forces in Iraq.
Iraq surrounds the Rest of the World
Iraq has completely surrounded the rest of the world.
West Surrounds Iraq
Iraq is completely surrounded by the Armies of the USA and UK
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