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Random Perspective: Images from June 2003
Marlboro felt that the current proposals for replacing the World Trade Center in New York were inadequate so volunteered proposals of their own.
Masturbation Research
The official document released detailing the breakdown of visual sources for masturbation
Random Perspective
Random Perspective suggests that this design will offend even less than Reflag's design.
By adding black stripes to the Union Flag, Reflag hopes to make it less racist.
Mars Sojourner Probe
After spending 5-6 years in a Martian 'no parking zone' the local authorities decided it was time to clamp the American vehicle.
Iraqi Stealth Bomber
After this photograph appeared on the Internet the CIA was forced to admit they'd been duped and the plane was just a model rather than an ultra model secret Iraqi Bomber.
Iraqi Stealth Bomber
The CIA revealed that if the plane was to fly over New York it would look something like this.
Iraqi Stealth Bomber
CIA claimed that whilst the plane wouldn't be able to travel at Warp Speeds like this photo suggests, it would be so fast it would appear to.
George Bush`s Virtual Suit
George Bush showed off his new virtual suit to many of the World Leaders at dinner.
Our Guest Writer for June
Our Guest Editor (whose identity has been remained secret to protect his fictitiousness) is contemplating getting these breast implants after reading an advertisement in his email inbox.
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