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Comic #156 : "Owner Bias"

Friday 27th June 2014
Owner Bias





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Apart from an original Gameboy when I was a kid, I never owned a games console until 2006 when I bought an Xbox 360. I actually wanted a PS3, but Sony screwed Europe over with the PS3 and didn't launch it until 2007, and when they did they had reduced the spec of the PAL models vs the NTSC ones.

As a result I've not really been too swayed by the console fan boy wars, I've still not decided whether or not my next console will be a PS4 or an Xbox One. However, the reality is that the side you fight on is usually on the side of the one you own. Few people own both consoles - and from the looks of things both the last generation and the new one have been largely very equal.

Ultimately there was little to choose between the PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of overall power and the cross platform games looked identical. The PS4 and Xbox One are even more similar in terms of specs and architecture, although it looks like the PS4 does have a slight CPU horsepower advantage.

But the virtual equivalence of these machines won't stop people taking to the Internet to spend hours arguing over which is best. At least it gives me the opportunity for easy jokes...