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Comic #180 : "There is no Teapot"

Saturday 23rd August 2014
There is no Teapot





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Although I'm sure it's pretty obvious, this Russell guy isn't meant to be Bertrand Russell. It's just a guy called Russell to make the analogy clearer

To anyone unfamiliar with what Russell's teapot is, and too lazy to Google it, a philosopher called Bertrand Russell put forwards the idea that if he was to state there is a teapot orbiting the sun that was too small and far away to ever be found by mankind, it would be impossible to disprove its existence.

This is essentially the same argument put forwards for the existence of God. You can't disprove God exists (because the concept of God means he can always hide himself from any experiment designed to find him)

Taking it a step further, something that bugs me, is that some people who believe in God, accept that science has proven he doesn't exist in ways previously stated, however any gaps or unexplained things in our understanding of the Universe is where God is.

The thing is - even if these gaps are the result of a supernatural creator - that super natural creator isn't the God described in the bible. We may not be able to prove some kind of God like creator doesn't exist - however we can prove the God depicted in the various religions of the world does not exist.