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Comic #66 : "Doppler Effect"

Monday 22nd July 2013
Doppler Effect






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Personally, I do not see the appeal of smart watches as I fail to see what they add to the current inventory of equipment we haul around with us.

Speaking for myself, I have not worn a watch for 13 years, since I started carrying a cell phone everywhere, however even if I did wear a watch the only way I could see it augmenting the smartphone experience is as a secondary screen to relay notifications to.

The other problem I have with it is that I don't see what the "wow" factor would be. The iPhone - while not the first device of its kind - did create a huge impact on its launch. The iPad built upon that - but everyone really knew it was just a 'big iPhone'. If the iWatch just turns out to be a 'tiny iPhone' people will start to think Apple's only way of innovating is to create scaled versions of their flagship product.

Of course - if the iPhone turns out to be the wraparound screen deal rather than more powerful version of the old iPod Nano watches - then that will have the wow factor. However, with the advert of Google Glass, I feel that it will still lose the war as Glass is more immediate, with a greater scope of innovation and for uses. But we will see...