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Comic #10 : "Hackery"

Thursday 4th April 2013







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Another anti-sexism comic!!

Actually, this was done to introduce ED, for the comic he appears in next.

Also, after drawing this comic I developed a crush on Sue Du.

Kinect is an interesting development in geek culture. While most geeks universally hate it being used as a game control device, they almost are almost universally fascinated by the things they can do with it.

There are hundreds of interesting things that geeks have done with Kinect, including "Kinect powered quadcopters" - although really that should be written as "Quadcopters that use a Kinect sensor to map/sense its physical environment".

Other cool things done by geeks include 3D object scanners, 3D room scanners, 3D webcams, and my favourite - a team which used a Kinect to give feedback to the surgeon operating a robot.

While it's easy to hate or love technology based onm whether the company releasing it is the one you like or not, it's important to remember that the technology in Kinect was not developed by Microsoft, but a totally independent company. They originally approached Apple with the technology, to put into their desktops and laptops. Apple were apparently very interested but they basically wanted the developers to sign across the rights to their first born children whereas Microsoft were happy to let they keep more control of their IP and patents which is why it ended up on the Xbox.