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Of the hundreds of millions of people you can follow on Social Media, here are a few I recommend:

My Acccounts

Alien2human - This is my 'personal' account. I tweet about a wide range of things from current affairs to F1 to geek stuff, and retweet things from my other accounts/other people.

RandPers - This is the official Twitter account for this website. Whenever an update is made on the website it will be tweeted here. Because people are too lazy to make RSS feeds these days - although I have now made one.

Random Perspective on Facebook - This is the official Facebook page for Random Perspective. Comics get posted here so you can share on your wall. If you want to.

Random Perspective Tumblr - This is where I put these comics on Tumblr so you can reblog them.

People I Collaborate With

BillDoty webmaster and creator of Broken Newz and creator and co-writer for HAL9000_

JimmyWellington - Webmaster and creator of The Fake News

Famous People

Glinner Graham Linehan is responsible for many great comedies: Father Ted, Black Books - but most relevant to this comic - The IT Crowd. If you have never watched the IT Crowd, cancel what you are doing for the next 12 hours and watch the entire series.

Dara O Briain Stand up comedian, TV Presentation and comedy show panellist, one of mainstream comedy's biggest geeks. Presents Dara O Briain's School of Hard Sums as well as being a outspoken lover of videogames.

Charlie Brooker Former videogame magazine editor turned world's leading lovable grumpy cynic. Writes brilliant satirical and parody comedy, such as Black Mirror and A Touch of Cloth as well as being the master of the screen rant, as seen on his "Wipe" series.

William Shatner Because it's William Shatner. The real Captain Kirk

Jeri Ryan aka Seven of Nine. She replied to me on Twitter twice.

Sir Patrick Stewart Tweets have never sounded so impressive.

Parody Accounts

HAL9000_ - The 'leading' HAL9000 parody account on Twitter. Also has a tendency to tweet tech related jokes.

HAL9000 on Facebook - The Facebook counterpart to the HAL9000_ Twitter account.

AppleNav - An Apple Maps / Sat Nav parody account.

KoreaMissile Tweeting the 'official' updates from North Korea's Nuclear Missile project.

DeathStarPR The official PR team for the Dark side of the Force.