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Here is a selection of recommended web comics and websites for you to visit, on the off chance you haven't come across them before. Some are funny, some are entertaining, some are educational, all should appeal to geeks. I've put the more famous ones at the bottom of the list, to increase your chances of finding something new:

Web Comics

Experience Boost - A great webcomic following two female characters in a fictional MMORPG.

It's All So Ugly - A surreal webcomic with a great aesthetic.

Gerbil with a Jetpack - A webcomic that, amongst other things, often features puns based on pop culture references.

Concerned - Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman. A comic parodying the Half Life 2 story made using Garry's Mod. It was one of the first web comics I read, and influenced the design I came up with my own.

Bonkers World - Another geek/tech humour oriented website. From France. So I guess it's a bit like a French xkcd. Only with colours!

xkcd - One of the cleverest, funniest and geekiest webcomics on the Internet in the Universe.

Cyanide & Happiness - Another minimalist comic that often courts controversy with some of the subjects it tackles. Updated daily.

The Oatmeal - Not really a web comic in the strictest sense, but it's more geek humour expressed with funny pictures and a sharp wit.

YouTube Channels / Internet Shows

Sillysparrowness - A YouTube channel made famous when its creator posted a video of her building her own TARDIS. She's actually German and created the channel to teach herself English. But given that she speaks it better than any native English speaking person I know I think she must have had at least one previous lesson. Either that or German efficiency is even more efficient that previously thought.

Doty TV - The YouTube channel of Bill Doty, former Fark TV producer who currently makes sketch comedy videos for YouTube and FunnyOrDie. I also run HAL9000_ with him.

Extra Credits - A really informative show that discusses game design theory.

Zero Punctuation - In a sea of sensationalised, fanboy written, idolising, worshipping games reviews, Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation is one of the few game reviews that actually contains genuine criticism. They are not really reviews, more like critiques. Ok, it's sometimes difficult to tell if he actually likes a game or not, but they are actually best watching after you've played the game of the episode rather than used as recommendation service.

numberphile - One of YouTube educational channel titan extraordinaire Brady Haran, this one all about numbers and mathematics.

computerphile - One of YouTube educational channel titan extraordinaire Brady Haran, this one all about computers.

Periodic Videos - One of YouTube educational channel titan extraordinaire Brady Haran, this one all about chemistry, and often starring the Internet sensation Professor Martyn Poliakoff CBE.

Veritasium - Another fantastic science vlog that deals with anything from quantum computers to jetpacks.

Vi Hart - Vi Hart is one of the Internet's great eccentrics: A mathemusician who makes videos about maths, sometimes music, and occassionally randomness. But always entertaining.

minutephysics - Physics, from the creation of the universe to quantum theory, discussed in quick, easy to understand videos. By Henry Reich

minuteearth - The spinoff of minutephysics, also by Henry Reich, this time talking about our planet and its environment.

C. G. P. Grey - Complex things explained... from the Vatican City to why Pluto is not a planet.

V Sauce - Discusses thought experiments, like that would happen if the sun suddenly disappeared, and answers questions like "Why do we wear clothes" and reasons philsophical discussions like "Is my Red the same as your Red" - you know, the questions you asked as a child but never got a decent answer to.

Smarter Every Day - Run by Destin, who explores the world of science in a affable manner, often with guns and often with a high speed camera.

Zogg From Betelgeuse - The Universe explained. By an alien.


Google - This website helps you find things on the Internet. Type what you are looking in the box and click search. It's amazing.

Random Perspective - The 'main' website this comic is hosted on. I started it in 2002 as a platform for my news satire articles. While I update it less frequently these days, I write for it whenever inspiration strikes, particularly something in the tech community.

Broken Newz - One of the original news satire websites started by Bill Doty - in the process of being relaunched as a website focusing in geek humour and memes.

jimmywellington.com - Originally "The Fake News" - jimmywellington.com is now the blog for Jimmy Wellington - although the archives of the original site are still available.

Rooster Teeth - The creators of Red vs Blue the most famous and successful machinima series on the Internet. In the unlikely event you haven't heard of it, you have to check it out.