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Story Arc: The Night Traffic Grovel - Episode 14 - Read from start

Comic #113 : "The Night Traffic Grovel, Part 13: New Market"

Wednesday 11th December 2013
The Night Traffic Grovel, Part 13: New Market








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Apologies for the delay in this week's comic. I've started working full time in the office again rather than mostly from home and as a result I have been really busy. I am spending literally 100% of my free time drawing my comic at the moment (when I'm not eating, sleeping, working or commuting)

It didn't help that this comic featured some of my most detailed frames to date. I have been trialling out new drawing programs as I was finding that Sketchbook Mobile was too limited for the stuff I was wanting to draw. I dabbled with Procreate on the iPad - which I used for frames in the two previous comics - but the limitations of the iPad's touchscreen meant it lacked the precision of the Wacom digitiser in the Note 2. I was considering using a combination of Procreate on the iPad and Sketchbook on the Note until I came across an app called Clover Paint for Android.

In my opinion this is by far and away the best art app on Android, and surpassed Procreate in a lot of ways. Procreate has a slicker interface and arguably has a better brush engine, but Clover Paint is a lot more powerful and a lot more customisation. It supports infinite, boundless layers (well, until you run out of memory) and it crashes a lot less than either Procreate or Sketchbook Mobile.

It is very bewildering at first because the inferface is not pretty and some simple functions are not immediately obvious (like how to add a new layer!) but dig beneath the surface and you'll find a lot of details. This entire comic was drawn with Clover Paint, and I had no practice attempts first, unlike other apps where I usually do one or two initial drawings to get to grips with it.