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Comic #22 : "Switching Over"

Tuesday 16th April 2013
Switching Over





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I guess this is like a sequel to the first comic I did.

Brand warfare has existed since two cavemen had competing shapes of flint for arrow heads, but it's reached epic levels of stupidity since the games consoles arrived, and smartphones have just pushed it so far it's comical.

The fact is, for the most part, people will argue for whichever one they've ended up with.

Tech journalists bloggers-who-think-they're-journalists are the worst. They are fanboys of their brand and will basically spew nonsense that their brand's flagship phone's specifications are the perfect phone specifications. And that's where everything breaks down. There isn't a 'perfect phone specification'

Different people have different needs. How many times have you read something along the lines of "The Galaxy Note is too big for a phone, it's getting silly" or "3.5 inches on the iPhone 4S is too small for a phone" - it's nonsense. For some people, the iPhone 4S screensize was perfect, for others the Galaxy Note is perfect.

When I show my Galaxy Note 2 to friends who do not spend their time reading tech blogs not once has one of them said "That's stupid, that's too big for a phone." - the only comment about the size being too big has been the occassional "I'd probably want a smaller phone for myself"