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Comic #61 : "Perfect Photo"

Wednesday 10th July 2013
Perfect Photo





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When I was watching Wimbledon, one thing that really irritated me was seeing the huge number of spectators in the crowd taking photographs on their iPads. Now, even ignoring how stupid it looks to be holding a small tray sized object to take a photograph, it is totally disrespectful to those around you to be holding up such a large object and block their view as you attempt to take a photograph that is going to look crap anyway.

Even the top iPad only has a 5 megapixel camera, compared to the vastly superior 8 megapixel camera on the iPhone, or the even better sensors on the top Android competitors. But even those cameras wouldn't take a decent picture from up in the crowd. These cameras don't have optical zooms, they have a compromised field of view designed to suit taking photos of things up close or landscape vistas. They also have tiny sensors, and use very clever software to make up for the limitations of their compact form. The photos you take will be a waste of everyone's time - they don't prove you were there, and you'd get a better photograph if you applied a motion blur to a low resolution picture grabbed from Google Image Search from the previous year's event.