1st April 2003
  • Lonely on MSN?

    No one to talk to on MSN? Missing out on cyber sex and textual intercourse? Then why not buy 'Virtual Chat Client' that allows you to talk to your computer as if it was a real person.

    Requirements: MSN Messenger, depression, no self esteem, no life.

  • Peace Protest

    Join our Peace Protest next week when will march through the streets of London protesting against those noisy Anti-War Protesters.

  • Need a life?

    Not got a life?

    Then get a life with Download-A-Life: We can provide you with evidence of a life to show your friends you are not the sad case you actually are.

  • Doadload-A-....

    Something missing?

    Do your friends criticise your life as lacking?

    Then check out our services either side of this advert.

  • Need a lover?

    Not got a boyfriend/girlfriend?

    Then get a partner with Download-A-Lover: We can provide you with evidence of a sexual/romantic partner.

  • For Sale


    Tomahawk Cruise Missile
    One owner.
    Only used once.
    Only travelled 2,000 miles.
    Full service History.

    Original retail price $140,000.

    Our price: £10,000 (BARGAIN)

  • For Sale


    Middle Eastern War (Quick Sale)

    Have initiated conflict in the Middle East against tyrannical dictator.
    Was not what expected so Quick Sale wanted.

    We invested $76 billion in conflict so $10million ono makes this a bargain buy.