October 2003

All updates made during October 2003

  1. New Guidelines For Protecting Your Computer Against Viruses and Hackers
  2. Chirac Desperate, Calls British “Friends”
  3. Iain Duncan Smith Admits Gun Crime Will Rise Under His Vision
  4. Virgin Rail To Send Trains Via Road
  5. British Sugar Despatch Covert Team To Clear Out Tescos
  6. Tories to Replace Iain Duncan Smith with a Dalek
  7. Tories Forced to Recycle Old Slogan as More Relevant Suggestions are Useless
  8. Scientists Declare World’s Oldest Big Mac “Inedible”
  9. US Angry That Israel Attacked Syria First
  10. United States: “France Sold Iraq Almost As Many Weapons As We Did”
  11. US Determines that Saddam Hussein was ‘Bluffing’ about Weapons of Mass Destruction
  12. Entire Budget for Final “Lord of the Rings” Film Blown on Sam/Frodo Kiss
  13. Nokia To Release World's Smallest Cell Phone