May 2004

All updates made during May 2004

  1. Michael Schumacher Wins Canadian Grand Prix
  2. FBI Arrest Brad Pitt For Creating Trojan Horse
  3. Playstation Console Wins “Parent of the Year” Award
  4. Bush Plans To Demolish International Embarrassment With Abu Ghraib Prison
  5. George Bush To Hire Stunt Double Following Bicycle Accident
  6. Permanent Marker Industry Predicts Big Boom Follow David Beckham’s Tattoo
  7. British Prime Minister Gets Flour Delivered By Condom.
  8. Flour-Filled Condom Attack “The New September 11th” Declares Press
  9. MPs Successfully Infect City of London With Purple Flour
  10. Public Unaware That Paintball Session Scheduled In House of Commons Was Cancelled
  11. Bush To Make Film To Oust Michael Moore From Hollywood
  12. Mass Panic As BBC Blow Up Canary Wharf In Simulated Terrorist Attack
  13. World Shocked As Pope Remains Undead
  14. Random Perspective Duped By Serial Hoax Artists
  15. Bush Considers Regime Change Plans For Massachusetts
  16. X-Prize Contender SpaceShipOne Grounded As Al-Qaeda Threaten To Blow Up Moon
  17. Apple To Sue Chris Martin And Gwyneth Paltrow Over Choice Of Baby’s Name
  18. Lord Hutton Disappointed Inquiry Not Needed To Sack Piers Morgan
  19. Public Opinion Of Bush Administration Saved By The Beheading Of Nicholas Berg
  20. Virtual Paedophile Stock Market Predicted To Be Huge Success
  21. Changes to F1 Regulations: One Random Perspective on how Formula 1 should be.
  22. Captain Scarlet To Become New MI6 Chief
  23. Bush Confused By Dictionary – calls Iraq Pictures ‘Abhorrent’
  24. Daily Mirror Editor Pier Morgan Burns Union Jack! Exclusive Photos…
  25. Scientists Develop Solution For Britain’s Poor Dental Hygiene
  26. David Beckham News Attracts A Lot Of Hits
  27. Increasing Number of Pet Owners Putting Themselves In Danger