April 2003

All updates made during April 2003

  1. Saddam Hussein Misses UK Gun Amnesty
  2. Random Perspective Forum to Replace United Nations
  3. Weather Forecast for 1st May - 7th May 2003
  5. Bush Promises to Veto any French/Chinese Resolution on SARS
  6. Britain Worsens Iraqi Humanitarian Crisis
  7. Who is the leader of the Conservative Party?
  8. Is Syria Next?
  9. Daily Telegraph discovers that Saddam Hussein read the Daily Mirror
  10. Is David Beckham moving to Real Madrid?
  11. WERE IS SADDAM????!!!
  12. New Sex Play Requires Complete Attention of Scotland Yard
  13. Galloway prevented Saddam Hussein from obtaining Weapons of Mass Destruction
  14. Conflict in Iraq finishes just in time for the Snooker
  15. US Army Release Iraq-themed Playing Cards – Regime Based Monopoly to follow soon…
  16. Britain to sue US Government
  17. Only 3 Iraqis see Blair/Bush Broadcast
  18. Iraqi Information Minister to Host “Have I Got News For You”
  19. Amateur Movie Maker Plans Sequel
  20. Iraqi Bullet Shot Across Border May Contain Chemical or Biological Agents
  21. Spider: “My Image was used without my permission”
  22. New Website Layout
  23. For Sale
  24. For Sale
  25. Doadload-A-....
  26. Need a lover?
  27. Need a life?
  28. Lonely on MSN?
  29. Peace Protest