May 2003

All updates made during May 2003

  1. Bush Attends Political Meetings in his “Virtual Suit”
  2. Deep Hole Outside White House is not a Nuclear Bunker
  3. Rumsfeld fails to find Weapons of Mass Destruction, Blair sent in
  4. Hail to the Thief: Random Perspective Review
  5. Judge Jokingly Accuses Woman of Being a Terrorist
  6. Concrete Blocks Around Houses of Parliament are there to Protect Ordinary Londoners
  7. Student Complains that Quidditch is not on School’s Curriculum
  8. Euro Referendum to be replaced by a Toss of a Coin
  9. Dumped Boyfriend Rubbishes Claims that Guys are Less Committed to Relationships
  10. South Africa: Major Historical Figure meets Some Old Man
  11. NASA Announces Flights Over Mars – Easyjet Offers Better Deal
  12. Microsoft Admits Possible Passport Security Vulnerability as Hotmail becomes “Bill Gates’s Bestial Orgy Sludge Fest”
  13. Historians Discover that Cavemen Invented Satire
  14. Tories Plan ‘Fair Deal’ for Britain
  15. Random Perspective Revision Guide
  16. Tory Backbenchers: “IDS too unpopular to be ‘Worst Briton’”
  17. Tory Gains Explained as Labour Postal Votes get Mailed to Random Perspective HQ
  18. Bush Gets Lost on Middle East Roadmap and Demands Wal-Mart Disarms
  19. Alien Scientists Declare: “Anglers Can’t Feel Pain”
  20. Chess Champion Ignores Iain Duncan-Smith
  21. Sex Banned in School Prospectus
  22. Beckhams Buy France
  23. Bill Clinton Offers to Search for Saddam Hussein on Cyber Sex Chat rooms
  24. Labour Considers Axing The Conservative Party
  25. Iraqi Information Minister Joins Random Perspective
  26. Michael Douglass and Catherine Zeta Jones to Stop Working
  27. Bush Orders Interrogation of Space Shuttle Survivors
  28. Saeed al-Sahhaf Steals Car, Burns American Flags and Graffiti’s US Tanks but doesn’t get arrested