International News

World Affairs. Things that are happening that affect everyone.

  1. British and American Government Reach Consensus on Math vs Maths Debate
  2. Egyptian President quits after Protesters launch Facebook Page
  3. Peter the Great to get Putinized?
  4. Chile Rescues "Property of Bart Simpson" Walkie Talkie from Mine
  5. EU forces Catholic Church to offer "Religion Choice" prior to Baptism
  6. Toyota CEO Issued With 6,397,345 Speeding Tickets
  7. RyanAir Unveils "Urinate in your seat" Cost-saving Policy
  8. April 2nd Started 1 Day Early
  9. Western Tourists Amused by Thailand Coup
  10. Random Perspective listed 3rd on Al-Qaeda's Priorities List
  11. 75% of Americans Believe Everything They Read
  12. Holland Officially More Gullible Than USA
  13. Business Booming for Danish Flag Maker
  14. Saddam Hussein to Hire Michael Jackson's Lawyer
  15. Marlboro Cancels ‘Kiddarettes’ Programme
  16. Australia Currently Leading the Tsunami Relief Competition
  17. Mark Baese Revealed to be Heir of Gullibavaria Island
  18. Tragedy as Thousands of Western Tourists are Stranded in Asia
  19. Bush and Blair Lock in Passionate Embrace During Press Conference
  20. John Kerry Elected President of San Andreas
  21. Broken Telephone Forces Blair to Fly to White House
  22. Budweiser Admits They Have Added Ecstasy – Not Caffeine – to “B-to-the-E”
  23. United Nations to Outlaw Vegetarianism in New Environmental Guidelines
  24. Liberals Would Rather Saddam Hussein Receive Death Penalty Through a Fair Trial
  25. Bush Cancels Invasion of Canada
  26. Bush Plans To Demolish International Embarrassment With Abu Ghraib Prison
  27. Flour-Filled Condom Attack “The New September 11th” Declares Press
  28. World Shocked As Pope Remains Undead
  29. Public Opinion Of Bush Administration Saved By The Beheading Of Nicholas Berg
  30. Increasing Number of Pet Owners Putting Themselves In Danger
  31. US Troops Urges Britain To Move To Baghdad
  32. World’s Media Disappointed No Major Landmarks Were Destroyed In Madrid Attacks
  33. First French Troops Surrender In Haiti
  34. Red Cross Determines That Captured Saddam Hussein Is A Mannequin
  35. Europe’s Future Safe In The Hands of Britain, France And Germany
  36. Bush Urges Europeans To Share The Death Toll
  37. US Apologises For Accidentally Dropping 2,500 Practice-Bombs on Iraq
  38. “I smoke 40 a day” George Bush Tells Koreans
  39. End of Iraq Conflict Leaked Early on Internet
  40. Chirac Desperate, Calls British “Friends”
  41. US Angry That Israel Attacked Syria First
  42. World’s Oldest Man May Be Lying
  43. Dead Man Told that He'll Never Fly a Plane, Play a Piano or Have Sex Again.
  44. Starving Child in Africa Volunteers to Trade Places with David Blaine
  45. God’s Lightning Bolt Machine Breaks Down – Unable to Electrocute Gene Robinson
  46. Iraq Rotating Presidency System Will Be Alphabetically Ordered; ANtony Charles Linton Blair to Go First
  47. US Bury the Bodies of Saddam’s Sons; Soldier Who Shot Them Hangs Their Heads on his Wall.
  48. US Received Intelligence That Saddam Has Recently Quit Major British (Terrorist) Organisation.
  49. Internet Community Pleads With Bush to Initiate World War 3
  50. Ariel Sharon Suffers Triple Heart-attack, Falls Backwards Off of Chair and Questions Whether this is Reality
  51. US Government Blames Fund Raising for World Water Problems
  52. Bush Attends Political Meetings in his “Virtual Suit”
  53. Rumsfeld fails to find Weapons of Mass Destruction, Blair sent in
  54. Iraqi Information Minister Joins Random Perspective
  55. Saeed al-Sahhaf Steals Car, Burns American Flags and Graffiti’s US Tanks but doesn’t get arrested
  56. Random Perspective Forum to Replace United Nations
  57. Bush Promises to Veto any French/Chinese Resolution on SARS
  58. US Army Release Iraq-themed Playing Cards – Regime Based Monopoly to follow soon…
  59. Only 3 Iraqis see Blair/Bush Broadcast
  60. Iraqi Bullet Shot Across Border May Contain Chemical or Biological Agents
  61. War with Iraq could destroy Ancient Artefacts
  62. Bush and Blair Slip Laxative into French Representative’s Drink
  63. Iraq Surrounds the Rest of the World
  64. West Attempts to convince Saddam to convert to Democracy
  65. Bush Outlines his plans for Iraq
  66. USA Successfully Develops and Tests Time Machine
  67. The Most Important Piece of News Ever
  68. Blair Claims All Out War with Iraq will help deal with Asylum Seekers
  69. 'Iraq' the only the word in New English Dictionary
  70. Happy new January 6th!
  71. Billions of Children are without Presents