July 2003

All updates made during July 2003

  1. Iraq Rotating Presidency System Will Be Alphabetically Ordered; ANtony Charles Linton Blair to Go First
  2. US Bury the Bodies of Saddam’s Sons; Soldier Who Shot Them Hangs Their Heads on his Wall.
  3. US Received Intelligence That Saddam Has Recently Quit Major British (Terrorist) Organisation.
  4. Mad Russian Teaches Cats to Juggle and Unicycle Through Flaming Hoops; Western Scientists Declare it Impossible to get Supercomputer to Play Tetris.
  5. Republicans Push for New “No Back Entry” Law to apply to Houses and Other Buildings
  6. Britney Spears Naked – PICTURES ON THIS SITE!!
  7. Government Attempted to Hide Evidence They Lied in John Prescott
  8. Chat Room Users Disgusted to find their Cyber Lovers are Cheating on Them
  9. Teachers Deny They Teach for the Presents as “Gifts for your Tutor” Magazine is Launched
  10. New White House Email system confirms 100% Support for Bush
  11. BBC Ordered to Stop Referring to itself in Third Person
  12. FAQ: SatireSearch and Humorfeed
  13. Random Perspective develops KICK BOTTOM Generator of for Satire
  14. Congress demands for the Aircraft Carrier, USS Great Briton, to be recalled from the Middle East
  15. Britney Spears is NOT a Virgin; Men Worldwide Are Now Puzzled Why She Turned Them Down.
  16. You City Types have No Idea How Easy it is for you to get Sex