April 2004

All updates made during April 2004

  1. Bush’s Private Performance Was First Class Says September 11th Commission
  2. Why Can’t I Be More Like Mark Baese?
  3. People Allowed To Clone Babies So Long As They Keep Them As Pets
  4. Formula 1: Coulthard Asks If He Can Leave Caravan Behind At Next Grand Prix
  5. US Troops Urges Britain To Move To Baghdad
  6. David Beckham Affair Sparks Increase In Cheating Teenage Boyfriends
  7. Victoria Beckham Disappointed That Nobody Claims To Have Had Affair With Her
  8. Modern Era Of Air Dominance Jet Fighter To Level Playing Field
  9. British Team Intends To Win X Prize
  10. Government Promises Postal Internet Scheme For Rural Areas
  11. EU Demands Microsoft Makes Media Player More Like Paint
  12. BREAKING NEWS: Random Perspective Editor Admits To Plagiarism
  13. Blair: “Weapons of Mass Destruction Claims Were an April Fools Joke”