June 2004

All updates made during June 2004

  1. Schoolgirl Sues Jack for £10M
  2. Scientists Discover All Vauxhall Corsa Driver’s Share Female DNA
  3. Bush And Blair to Invade Isle of Man
  4. Renault Make Car That Rejects English Flags
  5. Bush Cancels Invasion of Canada
  6. Local Artist Moves Birmingham 1 inch to the Left
  7. Postal Votes And The Oppression Of Females
  8. Football Pundits Complain Televised Dramatisation Not Accurate As France Beat England
  9. NASA Boss Orders Scientists To Develop Robots To Run NASA
  10. Norton Antivirus Rebranded As Lord Voldemort To Fight Harry Potter Virus
  11. London’s Formula 1 Regent’s Street Display Poor Advertisement for the Olympics