January 2004

All updates made during January 2004

  1. BBC To Form Own Political Party For Next General Election
  2. Labour’s Britain Is Working Us Harder Than Ever
  3. Labour Claims Hutton Report is a “Boring Read”
  4. Team of Experts Take Boring Landscape Picture With World’s Most Expensive Digital Camera
  5. Cellular Phones “Appear to be Safe” According to British Scientists
  6. British Demand to Know Who Howard Dean Is
  7. Mars Rover Looking Forward To Welcome Home Party
  8. Random Perspective Doing Too Many ‘Kilroy’ Articles
  9. Computer Games Players Struggle at ‘Real Life’
  10. Blue Peter Presenters to Swear As Watershed Threatens Freedom of Speech
  11. US Apologises For Accidentally Dropping 2,500 Practice-Bombs on Iraq
  12. Beckham: “Car Sex Was So-So”
  13. Arabs Prove Kilroy Wrong
  14. US To Send Planes To Alternative Destinations
  15. “I smoke 40 a day” George Bush Tells Koreans
  16. Saddam Hussein to replace Kilroy?
  17. George Bush to Build Bridge to the Moon
  18. End of Iraq Conflict Leaked Early on Internet
  19. NASA Probe Discovers Evidence of Beagle Lander on Mars
  20. Princess Anne’s Dog Reveals Tormented Past To Canine Psychologist
  21. Random Perspective Editor Invents Time Machine and Travels 2 months Into The Future