February 2004

All updates made during February 2004

  1. Keeping Secrets No Longer Necessary In British Secret Service
  2. Red Cross Determines That Captured Saddam Hussein Is A Mannequin
  3. Webmaster Annoyed Major News Story Didn’t Happen In Time For 200th Article
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger To Blast Deadly Gay Unions With Rail Gun
  5. New FBI Anti Piracy Logo Scuppers Pirates
  6. Bubonic Plague Vaccine Developed Too Late For Black Death
  7. Inhabitants of RX J1242-11 Galaxy Devastated By Earth Astronomers’ Reaction
  8. The Darkness Follow the Trend and Slam Radiohead
  9. Europe’s Future Safe In The Hands of Britain, France And Germany
  10. British Government To Supply Arms To Red Squirrels
  11. Disney To Revert Back To Stick Men For Next Movie
  12. NASA Would Save Hubble If It Was A Giant Orbiting Space Cannon
  13. Tescos Employee Disappointed Not To Reach Company Valentine’s Day Standards
  14. Experts Predict Virginity Auctions to be the Next Big Boom
  15. NASA Insists That Hubble Must Meet Fiery End
  16. Bush Urges Europeans To Share The Death Toll
  17. Mydoom Hot Favourite to Win “Best Virus” Oscar