September 2003

All updates made during September 2003

  1. World’s Oldest Man May Be Lying
  2. Dead Man Told that He'll Never Fly a Plane, Play a Piano or Have Sex Again.
  3. International Human Rights Laws Prevent Planned Asylum Seeker Selling Policy
  4. Voters are Unsatisfied with Tony Blair’s Performance
  5. Buyer Complains that 1.44Mb Hard Disc Drive Purchased on E-Bay is just Floppy Disc Drive with a Disc jammed In It
  6. Website Updates With Pointless Update To Avoid Complaints From Visitors
  7. World Unimpressed with Bill Gates’ Puny $168m Donation
  8. NASA’s Safety Record in Tatters as Second Spacecraft Plunges to a Fiery End
  9. Mankind to Exhaust Creative Thinking by 2005
  10. UK Government Makes It Illegal to Receive Junk Mail, 100% of Internet Users to be arrested.
  11. Man Frustrated At His Inability to Complete Solitaire
  12. Saddam Hussein to Follow Popular Audiotapes with Full Album
  13. Non Pornographic Site Listed On Search Engine for Pornographic Search Query
  14. Video Gaming Is Not Bad for You
  15. Latest Police Figures Show Tramp Bashing Up by 100%
  16. Shoplifter Caught
  17. Starving Child in Africa Volunteers to Trade Places with David Blaine
  18. Meteor to Hit Earth – House Insurance Costs to Rise
  19. Microsoft to Send Patches Via E-Mail