June 2003

All updates made during June 2003

  1. Marlboro Submits Alternative Design For Replacement World Trade Center
  2. More Men Masturbate Using Junk Emails Than Porn Sites
  3. Saddam Hussein Asked to Leave Windsor Castle and to Take Those Weapons of Mass Destruction with Him.
  4. Changes to Wimbledom Cause Lleyton Hewitt to be Knocked Out After Falling into the Pit of Doom
  5. Internet Community Pleads With Bush to Initiate World War 3
  6. Playboy Hailed As Great Literary Art
  7. We're all entitled to our own opinions. What's the most ridiculous opinion you have?
  8. All Great Satire Articles are Stolen
  9. Real Madrid to move to Beckingham Palace
  10. Security for New Harry Potter Books Greater than Security at Nuclear Missile Silos
  11. Local Businesses are Glad at Thieving Local Kids’ Pocket Money
  12. Prince William To Appear in Max Power
  13. Random Perspective Writes Crappy ‘Clip Show’ 100th News Article
  14. David Beckham to be Shot
  15. Sex.com To Become High Brow Arts Website
  16. Scientists Unable to Determine Whether Friday 13th Is Actually Unlucky
  17. Random Perspective Demands “Replace That Fascist Union Flag Now”
  18. Ariel Sharon Suffers Triple Heart-attack, Falls Backwards Off of Chair and Questions Whether this is Reality
  19. Easyjet flights to Iraq cancelled as ‘Blair Force One’ gets the go ahead
  20. US Government Blames Fund Raising for World Water Problems
  21. Strong Evidence of Life on Mars as Sojourner Probe is Clamped
  22. Nuke-Carrying Iraqi Supersonic Stealth Bomber turns out to be a Model
  23. Returned Statue of Tony Blair not the One Stolen from Iraq
  24. Underfunded Government Department Fails to Spend £400million
  25. Bush Attends Political Meetings in his “Virtual Suit”
  26. How Come the Internet Knows About My Sexual Inadequacies?