September 2006

All updates made during September 2006

  1. President Bush Pardons Self for War Crimes, Torture, Parking Ticket
  2. Ken Livingstone Pledges ED-209 Robot Army to Combat Pigeons
  3. Plumbers Fear that Expansion of EU may Harm Their Lifestyle
  4. US Government Denies Bin Laden "I am Dead" Videotape is a Fake
  5. Bush Blames Pakistan Threat on Administrative Error
  6. NHS Staff Expect Strike to Kill Public Hearts and Minds
  7. Western Tourists Amused by Thailand Coup
  8. John O'Farrell Invents 'British' Wheel
  9. Random Perspective listed 3rd on Al-Qaeda's Priorities List
  10. Animal Welfare Group Condemns Discovery Networks Over Irwin Death Footage
  11. Blair Announces He Will Quit Within One “Blair”-Year