March 2003

All Updates made during March 2003

  1. Tony Blair Fires Clare Short... At Iraq
  2. Osama Bin Laden Streaks through Washington DC
  3. Bush Reasons Cut in Education Budget
  4. Chucky Egg
  5. Bush beat Hans Blix at ‘Hide and Seek’
  6. American Arrested for Wearing a T-Shirt
  7. War with Iraq could destroy Ancient Artefacts
  8. Overwhelming Public Support for War
  9. Bush and Blair Slip Laxative into French Representative’s Drink
  10. Bush can Name All Enemy Nations – but can he spell them?
  11. Jedi Knights' Plan Backfires
  12. Captain Kirk’s Ancestor Not Born
  13. Iraq Surrounds the Rest of the World
  14. West Attempts to convince Saddam to convert to Democracy