The Dark Ages

All updates from November 2006 to December 2009

  1. New NASA iPhone App lets you drive the Rovers on Mars
  2. Obama awarded Nobel Prize for Peace, Chemistry, Physics, Time Travel
  3. First Clown Sent Into Space
  4. RyanAir Unveils "Urinate in your seat" Cost-saving Policy
  5. April 2nd Started 1 Day Early
  6. World Laughs as Stupid Pretty Girl Suffers Mental Breakdown
  7. James Cameron Discovers Jesus's Tomb – 'Jesus Park' to Hit Theatres Fall '07
  8. David Cameron: “Single Mothers are Incompetent... and I'm Gay”
  9. David Cameron "Beat Up 8 Year Old Child"
  10. Britain Flocks to See 17 Year Old Boy's Penis
  11. British Public: Jade Goody Deserves her Millions of Pounds
  12. Demand for Young Working People Grows as UK Life Expectancy Hits Record High