January 2005

All updates made during January 2005

  1. ITV to Make “Who Wants to be a Political Assassin” Following Result of “Vote for Me”
  2. Dickson, Dickson, DICKSON! I want to first for Dickson!
  3. Marlboro Cancels ‘Kiddarettes’ Programme
  4. How to Avoid Being Fooled by a News Satire Story
  5. Availability of Brad Pitt Hits Share Prices of Jack Rabbit
  6. BBC to Screen Edition of Horizon Proving Mary was not a Virgin
  7. Australia Currently Leading the Tsunami Relief Competition
  8. View the Best, the Funniest and the Sickest Tsunami Jokes Here Today…
  9. Christian Protesters Blame Tsunami on the BBC’s Decision to Broadcast Jerry Springer Opera
  10. Mark Baese Revealed to be Heir of Gullibavaria Island