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United Kingdom:
General News Stories pertaining to the United Kingdon

Shocking Image Confirms UKIP's Claims That Immigration Has Left Parts of Britain Unrecognisable [READ]March 2nd 2014
UKIP to add "No Female or Black Doctor Who" to their manifesto [READ]June 2nd 2013
Bank of England to Put Margaret Thatcher on the £100 Banknote [READ]April 26th 2013
97% of British People Believe in Genies [READ]April 4th 2013
Concern After Fourteen Year Old Boy Tricks Queen into Appointing Him as British Prime Minister [READ]May 8th 2010
Nick Clegg Better Recognised Across America Than David Cameron [READ]April 23rd 2010
Jedi Knight Banned from taking Light Sabre into School [READ]February 10th 2010
British Students Condemn AQA, Launch Facebook Group Protesting Having To Learn [READ]January 26th 2010
Krafts Takeover of Cadbury Leads to the Creation of Hundreds of Puns [READ]January 19th 2010
Amendments to the Ten Commandments Found in Lisbon Treaty [READ]January 18th 2010
UKIP Set Up "Xenophobes Anonymous" For Former BNP Voters [READ]January 17th 2010
David Cameron "Wants to be New Doctor Who" [READ]January 13th 2010
Man Constructs Life-sized Snow Sculpture Of Britain [READ]January 12th 2010
David Cameron: “Single Mothers are Incompetent... and I'm Gay” [READ]February 16th 2007
David Cameron "Beat Up 8 Year Old Child" [READ]February 11th 2007
Demand for Young Working People Grows as UK Life Expectancy Hits Record High [READ]November 21st 2006
Virgin Trains Passengers Asked to Push Start Broken Down Train [READ]October 31st 2006
Ken Livingstone Pledges ED-209 Robot Army to Combat Pigeons [READ]September 29th 2006
Plumbers Fear that Expansion of EU may Harm Their Lifestyle [READ]September 26th 2006
NHS Staff Expect Strike to Kill Public Hearts and Minds [READ]September 21st 2006
Blair Announces He Will Quit Within One “Blair”-Year [READ]September 7th 2006
Man Killed By No-Smoking Sign [READ]February 20th 2006
Government Authorizes Forming of No-Smoking Death Squads After Voting for Smoking Ban [READ]February 15th 2006
Church of Definitive Laws Offended by New Religious Hate Laws [READ]January 31st 2006
Whale Unhappy About Congestion Charge Fine [READ]January 21st 2006
Legalised Prostitution – Random Perspective Asks the Important Questions [READ]January 17th 2006
Kenneth Clarke to Stand in Liberal Democrat Leadership Election [READ]January 8th 2006
David Cameron Confirms His Intention to Finish Third in Next General Election [READ]December 18th 2005
Ban on Hunting With Dogs Sees Huge Increase in Hunting With Cats [READ]February 17th 2005
British Public Vote for Charles to Marry Keira Knightley [READ]February 13th 2005
Britain to Hold Referendum on Charles/Camilla Marriage [READ]February 10th 2005
ITV to Make “Who Wants to be a Political Assassin” Following Result of “Vote for Me” [READ]January 25th 2005
BBC to Screen Edition of Horizon Proving Mary was not a Virgin [READ]January 9th 2005
Christian Protesters Blame Tsunami on the BBC’s Decision to Broadcast Jerry Springer Opera [READ]January 8th 2005
Michael Howard Sacked as Tory Leader After Denying He is a Vampire [READ]November 14th 2004
Woolworth’s Early Christmas Celebrations Spawns the “Anti Christmas Suicide Squad.” [READ]October 5th 2004
Conservatives Vow To Finish Third In Next General Election [READ]October 4th 2004
Church of England to Open McDonald’s Restaurants to Attract Back Worshippers [READ]September 26th 2004
Osama Bin Laden Severely Criticised By Fellow Al-Qaeda Members [READ]September 17th 2004
Sun Claim Reporter has been Working Undercover in House of Commons as Prime Minister [READ]September 15th 2004
Beckhams’ Third Child to be Named Durex [READ]August 29th 2004
Tony Blair to Stand Down as Prime Minister; Tony Blair 2.0 to Take Over [READ]July 12th 2004
Scientists Discover All Vauxhall Corsa Driver’s Share Female DNA [READ]June 30th 2004
Renault Make Car That Rejects English Flags [READ]June 19th 2004
Local Artist Moves Birmingham 1 inch to the Left [READ]June 15th 2004
Playstation Console Wins “Parent of the Year” Award [READ]May 28th 2004
MPs Successfully Infect City of London With Purple Flour [READ]May 19th 2004
Public Unaware That Paintball Session Scheduled In House of Commons Was Cancelled [READ]May 19th 2004
Mass Panic As BBC Blow Up Canary Wharf In Simulated Terrorist Attack [READ]May 18th 2004
Random Perspective Duped By Serial Hoax Artists [READ]May 17th 2004
Lord Hutton Disappointed Inquiry Not Needed To Sack Piers Morgan [READ]May 13th 2004
Captain Scarlet To Become New MI6 Chief [READ]May 6th 2004
Daily Mirror Editor Pier Morgan Burns Union Jack! Exclusive Photos… [READ]May 3rd 2004
Scientists Develop Solution For Britain’s Poor Dental Hygiene [READ]May 3rd 2004
David Beckham Affair Sparks Increase In Cheating Teenage Boyfriends [READ]April 19th 2004
Victoria Beckham Disappointed That Nobody Claims To Have Had Affair With Her [READ]April 18th 2004
Blair: “Weapons of Mass Destruction Claims Were an April Fools Joke” [READ]April 1st 2004
Superpowers Intended For Britain’s FBI Styled Police Force [READ]March 29th 2004
Blair Vows To Fight Dennis The Menace [READ]March 14th 2004
Keeping Secrets No Longer Necessary In British Secret Service [READ]February 25th 2004
British Government To Supply Arms To Red Squirrels [READ]February 18th 2004
Tescos Employee Disappointed Not To Reach Company Valentine’s Day Standards [READ]February 12th 2004
BBC To Form Own Political Party For Next General Election [READ]January 31st 2004
Labour Claims Hutton Report is a “Boring Read” [READ]January 27th 2004
Blue Peter Presenters to Swear As Watershed Threatens Freedom of Speech [READ]January 12th 2004
Beckham: “Car Sex Was So-So” [READ]January 11th 2004
Arabs Prove Kilroy Wrong [READ]January 11th 2004
Saddam Hussein to replace Kilroy? [READ]January 9th 2004
Princess Anne’s Dog Reveals Tormented Past To Canine Psychologist [READ]January 4th 2004
Secrets Exposed At Buckingham Palace As Bush Wets Royal Bed [READ]November 21st 2003
Labour to Arrest Large Portion of Conservative Voters [READ]November 4th 2003
Iain Duncan Smith Admits Gun Crime Will Rise Under His Vision [READ]October 16th 2003
Virgin Rail To Send Trains Via Road [READ]October 13th 2003
British Sugar Despatch Covert Team To Clear Out Tescos [READ]October 10th 2003
Tories to Replace Iain Duncan Smith with a Dalek [READ]October 9th 2003
Tories Forced to Recycle Old Slogan as More Relevant Suggestions are Useless [READ]October 8th 2003
International Human Rights Laws Prevent Planned Asylum Seeker Selling Policy [READ]September 25th 2003
Voters are Unsatisfied with Tony Blair’s Performance [READ]September 24th 2003
Latest Police Figures Show Tramp Bashing Up by 100% [READ]September 16th 2003
2003 A-Levels Produce Record Number of Ungrateful Students [READ]August 15th 2003
Government Attempted to Hide Evidence They Lied in John Prescott [READ]July 23rd 2003
Teachers Deny They Teach for the Presents as “Gifts for your Tutor” Magazine is Launched [READ]July 20th 2003
BBC Ordered to Stop Referring to itself in Third Person [READ]July 19th 2003
Saddam Hussein Asked to Leave Windsor Castle and to Take Those Weapons of Mass Destruction with Him. [READ]June 25th 2003
Security for New Harry Potter Books Greater than Security at Nuclear Missile Silos [READ]June 18th 2003
Local Businesses are Glad at Thieving Local Kids’ Pocket Money [READ]June 18th 2003
Prince William To Appear in Max Power [READ]June 17th 2003
Random Perspective Demands “Replace That Fascist Union Flag Now” [READ]June 11th 2003
Easyjet flights to Iraq cancelled as ‘Blair Force One’ gets the go ahead [READ]June 10th 2003
Returned Statue of Tony Blair not the One Stolen from Iraq [READ]June 4th 2003
Underfunded Government Department Fails to Spend £400million [READ]June 3rd 2003
Bush Attends Political Meetings in his “Virtual Suit” [READ]June 2nd 2003
Concrete Blocks Around Houses of Parliament are there to Protect Ordinary Londoners [READ]May 23rd 2003
Euro Referendum to be replaced by a Toss of a Coin [READ]May 22nd 2003
Dumped Boyfriend Rubbishes Claims that Guys are Less Committed to Relationships [READ]May 22nd 2003
Tories Plan ‘Fair Deal’ for Britain [READ]May 14th 2003
Tory Backbenchers: “IDS too unpopular to be ‘Worst Briton’” [READ]May 11th 2003
Tory Gains Explained as Labour Postal Votes get Mailed to Random Perspective HQ [READ]May 11th 2003
Chess Champion Ignores Iain Duncan-Smith [READ]May 9th 2003
Sex Banned in School Prospectus [READ]May 8th 2003
Labour Considers Axing The Conservative Party [READ]May 6th 2003
Saddam Hussein Misses UK Gun Amnesty [READ]April 30th 2003
Britain Worsens Iraqi Humanitarian Crisis [READ]April 29th 2003
Daily Telegraph discovers that Saddam Hussein read the Daily Mirror [READ]April 27th 2003
Galloway prevented Saddam Hussein from obtaining Weapons of Mass Destruction [READ]April 23rd 2003
Britain to sue US Government [READ]April 12th 2003
Spider: “My Image was used without my permission” [READ]April 1st 2003
Tony Blair Fires Clare Short... At Iraq [READ]March 12th 2003
Overwhelming Public Support for War [READ]March 6th 2003
Jedi Knights' Plan Backfires [READ]March 4th 2003
GCSE Pass Rate Up, Teenage Pregnancy Rate Down [READ]February 23rd 2003
British Gas Adverts responsible for most Suicides [READ]February 10th 2003
Shock Horror: Speed Cameras Catch Speeding Drivers [READ]February 10th 2003
Replacement Entrance Exam for Cambridge University [READ]February 7th 2003
Tabloids Split over Snowy Weather [READ]February 3rd 2003
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The content on this website is satirical and thus many reports are unsubstantiated and therefore should not be considered factual. The use of major brands and corporations is used in good humour in order to improve the impact of the writing. Under no circumstances should you believe anything that could be considered defamatory without first checking it against a major news source.

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