Conservatives to increase Public Service praise by 200%

29th July 2017

Following a rejection of Labour's motion to lift the cap on the pay freeze of those working in the public sector, the Conservatives unveiled plans to increase the praise of those working in the Public Sector by 200% before the next election.

"Let it not be said we don't appreciate those who work in the public sector" Conservative Spokesperson Keith Wilson announced, "Our police officers, our nurses, our fire brigade all do an outstanding job for their country, and we are the first who notice that."

While Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn criticised the Government for cuts to police numbers, for nurses having to use food banks and firestations being closed across the country, Keith Wilson refuted these claims.

"As you know, we are the party of creating jobs through economic growth, economic growth comes from demand and thanks to Conservative Policy the Police, the NHS and the Fire Service have more work than ever before.

"The fact is, and Labour don't seem to understand this, you need to have money to increase wages, and we just used up all the money paying the DUP £1 billion to vote with us.

"But while there is no 'magic money tree' there is a 'magic praise tree', and the Conversative Party, led by Theresa May, will continue to increase the praise of our hard working public sector workers throughout this parliament and the next general election campaign."