Bush Promises to Veto any French/Chinese Resolution on SARS

29th April 2003

President George W. Bush has told the French and Chinese Governments that he will veto any UN resolution they may propose in dealing with the fight against SARS.

“It’s payback time.” The President explained in a press conference, “Just as they promised to veto any resolution we proposed in dealing with Iraq so will the US veto any resolution they propose in dealing with SARS.”

“That’ll show them.” He added.

“This is ridiculous,” Jacques Chirac responded, “We have not shown any intentions in going to the UN with any resolutions concerning SARS but even if we did it would be just as much in America’s interests as it would be in our own.”

George Bush went on to criticise the French Leader’s response by claiming:

“That is exactly what we had to say about Iraq: At this stage we never claimed to be considering action but the French still accused us of having hidden motives. We also explained that toppling Saddam was a worldwide interest – and believe it or not that includes the French.”

The French President was furious and announced: “This is stupid, I don’t understand why Mr Bush is being so awkward. We do not need a UN resolution and will therefore take any action we deem necessary anyway.”