Concern After Fourteen Year Old Boy Tricks Queen into Appointing Him as British Prime Minister

8th June 2010

Following 24 hours of uncertainty following the end of voting in the British General Election as to who will become the next Prime Minister it has emerged that Alfie McKenzie, a fourteen year old boy from Lancashire has been appointed Prime Minister by the Queen after arriving at Buckingham Palace this afternoon and assuring her that he had the confidence and backing of Parliament to command a majority.

“It was just too much of a temptation to resist,” he explained to reporters, “I was watching the news, with them all saying how Brown was speaking to Clegg, and Clegg was speaking to Cameron and that the Queen was waiting for one of them to go to her and say that they could form a government and I thought I may as well give it a go.”

It transpires that Mr McKenzie arrived at Buckingham Palace shortly after lunch, still wearing his school uniform and simply nodded at the Grenadier guards and walked straight in through the front doors.

“I dressed very carefully,” he continued, “I was careful to wear my posh shoes. I put on a posh accent. They probably just assumed I was either Cameron or Clegg, and that was why I looked so much younger than most other politicians”

When Alfie McKenzie arrived at Number 10 he was asked a number of security questions before being allowed in:

“'What is your name?' Gordon Brown. 'What is your job?' Prime Minister. 'Where do you live?' Number 10 Downing Street.'” Alfie told us, “That may seem fairly easy, but it is 50% more rigorous test than the test applied if you turn up to vote without a polling card.”

When asked if he was confident to retain his position as Prime Minister for a second term Alfie McKenzie was bullish:

“Of course. I am going to stand for the Westminister constituency and by this time next week there will 25,000 postal voters living with me at Number 10.”