Concrete Blocks Around Houses of Parliament are there to Protect Ordinary Londoners

23rd June 2003

Scotland Yard revealed that it’s decision to surround the Houses of Parliament with giant concrete blocks was taken in the interests of protecting the general public and not to cause irrational fear or panicking.

“We want the general public to know that their safety is our primary concern. We have therefore taken to the decision to barricade all those fear mongering politicians inside the Houses of Parliament to prevent them from causing hysteria or unnecessary alarm.

“We believe this is the most effective way of preventing them from doing so but if this fails we do have alternative plans, such as building very deep, concrete lined bunkers in which we will place them if we fear this precaution is not enough.

“And if even this is not enough we will simply have them replaced by identical doubles, and their identities changed so the general public think that is just a stranger making trouble and not a politician causing alarm.

“We believe that all of these actions will be in the best interests of the public.”