Chinese Authorities Demand Britney Spears Covers Up - Misses The Point Of Britney's Concerts

2nd July 2004

Chinese authorities have demanded that in order for pop artist Britney Spears to perform her planned concert in China she must agree to not wear revealing clothes or act in the sexually suggestive manner that is generally considered a trademark of her regular performances.

Although the Chinese Authorities have not clarified their position on what they consider to be revealing, it is likely that poses like this will not be allowed.

Whilst Miss Spears' management is yet to comment on the ruling it is expected to have serious repercussions on the future of the event and could lead to its cancellation. The ruling, though, has attracted criticism from less official channels, as long term Britney fan Keith Wilson explained:

"I think it is obvious that the Chinese don't understand the point of Britney Spears concerts, they seem to think it has something to do with her music. But the fact is I rarely play the CDs I own. I bought her first album for the "Hit me baby one more time" video, that school outfit...

“It’s not as if she’s going on stage naked,” he continued before adding, “I mean, I think it would be great if she went on stage naked but I think it is the whole ‘revealing but not nude’ aspect that really defines her whole act. Taking that away would destroy her performance – Britney and clothes certainly don’t go well together.”

Mr Wilson also claimed that he attended Britney's concerts for the same reasons he bought her albums although he had to give her most recent performance a miss due to a strained wrist and elbow injury sustained whilst enjoying one of her CDs.