European Intelligence Services Claim Website is Funded by Al-Qaeda

15th December 2004

European Intelligence Services have concluded that the website set up to counter the popular website is being funded by the international terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda.

“It’s the only obvious conclusion,” MI6 Officer Keith Wilson explained, “The website serves no purpose to antagonise the rest of the world. And by doing that it gives Al-Qaeda another excuse to attack them.”

Mr Wilson went on to explain that the sister site had probably been created by Saddam Hussein during his daily 15 minute Internet usage time:

“It’s fairly obvious it was knocked up in a hurry by the website’s low production values and general crummy-ness.”

Despite the claims of terrorist funding, the and websites have drawn a lot of support among Republican voters who were offended by the creation of the website.

President Bush meanwhile was not insulted by the presence of the liberal site.

“Why should I be upset,” the President laughed, “That website is paying $7,000 a month and achieves nothing… if only the Deomcrats would spend more of their money in that fashion.”

Meanwhile, the United Nations is preparing a peacekeeping force for 2008 when the opposing parties have to swap domain names in wake of a Hillary Clinton victory.