Real Madrid to move to Beckingham Palace

19th July 2003

In a move that looked to make an end to the ‘David Beckham News Syndrome’ epidemic that had broken out, the England Captain finally signed a deal with Real Madrid putting him alongside other international greats like Ronaldo and Zidane.

However, it has been revealed that the reason the deal took so long to go through was due to Victoria Beckham’s reluctance to leave the UK. She was so disappointed not to be headed off to Milan in Italy that she put her foot down an refused to move out of the country.

After much deliberation, Real Madrid finally came up with a deal that met with Mrs Beckham’s approval – instead of David Beckham moving to Real Madrid, they would move Real Madrid to him. Of course, this would involve not just moving the football grounds, but the entire Spanish capital.

Initially the club was stuck with where to move the city of 3 million inhabitants to, but it was soon realised the only space large enough in England to fit it was the Beckham’s back lawn.

Mrs Beckham was delighted with the news:

“Oh I’m really pleased,” she announced, “We’ve been looking for some large, expensive and unusual garden feature and I don’t think you can top having a capital city in your back yard.”