United States: “France Sold Iraq Almost As Many Weapons As We Did”

5th November 2003

The United States has announced to the world that it believes France is responsible for arming Iraq. The Bush Administration claims that the country, which happened to be the strongest in opposition to war, supplied Saddam Hussein’s regime with weapons which were not used, but could have been used against American Soldiers.

If the claims are true it is possible that the French could have supplied the Iraqi Dictator with almost as many weapons as the United States did during the 1980s.

“Obviously, people will point out that during the 1980s we did supply Saddam Hussein with weapons which could be used to kill people.” President Bush announced in a Press Conference, “However, he made to us the solemn promise he would only use the weapons we gave to him on the Iranian people and not on American Soldiers. I very much doubt that France made the same arrangements.”

It was pointed out to the President that it was extremely likely that many of the American Weapons given to Saddam’s regime had been used against American and British Troops during the various Gulf Wars. The President was quick to question these claims:

“Ok, they might have shot a few of the British with them but I don’t think they’ve used them on Americans. We wrote clearly on all Firearms supplied: ‘Not to be Used Against Americans’ Surely even the Iraqis don’t admit people to their armed forces who can’t read!”

Following the allegations, originating from some Polish troops operating in Iraq, the French have been quick to dispute the claims, denying any involvement in arming Iraq. However Bush played down their denial:

“You gonna listen to those guys? They can’t even talk English proper!”