Saddam Hussein to replace Kilroy?

9th January 2004

Following the anti Arab ranting in a newspaper article by Television Presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk the BBC has immediately suspended any further broadcastings of the early morning chat show.

The BBC stated that its action was to show that the views conveyed Mr Kilroy-Silk were not shared by the corporation and hoped that their choice of successor for his half-hourly slot would reflect this.

Several names who could offer a more balanced view on the matter have been thrown into the air, including the chairman for the BNP, Tony Martin and John Prescott. However by far and away the leading contender in the rumour mill is the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

“Saddam Hussein would certainly be an excellent choice if the BBC wished to prove it had no anti Arab stance.” TV Critic Keith Wilson was quick to point out, “I mean, he’s Arab for a start. And before anyone says surely that will make him prejudiced in favour of Arabs let me remind you he’s killed just as many Arabs – if not more – than he has done non-Arabs. I think that sort of shows he doesn’t care about the colour of anyone’s skin.”

The BBC has denied any affiliation with the former Dictator explaining that despite Mr Hussein’s insistence he had not taken them knowingly, he had recently been tested positive for taking illegal truth drugs whilst being held in captivity by the US Military.