President Bush Finishes Painting Fence Red

20th February 2003

President George W Bush has finished painting a fence at one of his family homes red Whitehouse Officials revealed today. It seems that the fence, which has spent its time half red, half white during the Clinton administration, had started its transfer from white to red by Former President George Bush.

“It’s important to finish what your father starts,” The President announced at a press conference, “No matter how things change. The other 2 adjacent fences have since been painted blue and many people have told me they think that the red clashes but they just don’t understand… My father started to paint that fence red when he was President so I finished it now that I am President.”

“It’s not just the fence that I finished. I finished the table Dad started to make for greeting Soviet Leaders back in the late 80s. I’ve also finished writing up an a plan for a successful presidential campaign for his second term and of course I have restarted his plans to send a man to Mars.

“Really, the only thing he’s left unfinished is removing Saddam Hussein from power. I don’t know why people are kicking up such a fuss about it. They haven’t made such a fuss about any of the other things he started and that I have finished off.”