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News:Fishla announce World's first humanoid Robot ChefAugust 24th 2021
News:Conservatives to increase Public Service praise by 200%June 29th 2017
News:Shocking Image Confirms UKIP's Claims That Immigration Has Left Parts of Britain UnrecognisableMarch 2nd 2014
News:Santa Unveils Drone Fleet To Revolutionize Christmas Present Delivery in 2013December 24th 2013
News:British and American Government Reach Consensus on Math vs Maths DebateOctober 10th 2013
News:Yahoo Staff Hope Marissa Mayer's Love For Baking Ends SoonSeptember 19th 2013
News:Is Apple's WWDC the Star Trek Convention of the 21st Century?June 3rd 2013
News:UKIP to add "No Female or Black Doctor Who" to their manifestoJune 2nd 2013
News:Bank of England to Put Margaret Thatcher on the £100 BanknoteApril 26th 2013
News:NRA Campaigns For All Marathon Runners to Carry BombsApril 17th 2013
News:97% of British People Believe in GeniesApril 4th 2013
News:Yahoo Stock Plummets after Marissa Mayer Scores less than 7 on HotOrNotMarch 25th 2013
News:Android or iPhone? Cellphone wars replace political wars as most divisive social issueJanuary 8th 2013
News:Shooting Innocent People in America now best way to become super famousJanuary 6th 2013
News:Apple rumoured to be developing iRover with much better cameraAugust 8th 2012
News:Video Games Industry Helps Revolutionise Film Industry With "Day One DVD"March 28th 2012
News:Leaked picture shows Apple accessory for iPad users unhappy with new handwarming featureMarch 21st 2012
News:Apple offers advice on dealing with yellow tinted iPhone screensOctober 19th 2011
News:What the new iPhone should have been called...October 6th 2011
News:I hate Scarlett JohanssonSeptember 15th 2011
News:Final Episode of BBC's "Wonders of the Universe" Show to Feature Most Expensive Visual Metaphors to DateMarch 23rd 2011
News:NASA Loses $2.6 Million DepositMarch 10th 2011
News:Egyptian President quits after Protesters launch Facebook PageFebruary 2nd 2011
Editorial:Why it impossible to block **** on the InternetDecember 20th 2010
News:Facebook Ends All World SufferingDecember 5th 2010
News:America Forced Into Witness Protection Program Following Wikileaks ScandalNovember 29th 2010
News:Conservatives Call for 'I watch porn' ArmbandsNovember 24th 2010
News:Ferrari Promise to Check Every Permutation Following Petrov-gateNovember 23rd 2010
News:Peter the Great to get Putinized?October 22nd 2010
News:Chile Rescues "Property of Bart Simpson" Walkie Talkie from MineOctober 11th 2010
News:EU forces Catholic Church to offer "Religion Choice" prior to BaptismSeptember 17th 2010
News:iPhone 4's 'Call-Making App' Suffers from Design FlawJune 24th 2010
News:Lewis Hamilton's 'Giant Balls' Key to his Superior Driving AbilityMay 8th 2010
News:Concern After Fourteen Year Old Boy Tricks Queen into Appointing Him as British Prime MinisterMay 8th 2010
News:Nick Clegg Better Recognised Across America Than David CameronApril 23rd 2010
News:Apple Begins Global "War on Erections" CampaignFebruary 24th 2010
News:Jedi Knight Banned from taking Light Sabre into SchoolFebruary 10th 2010
News:Obama Launches Operation to Locate Plot of Lost Season 6February 3rd 2010
News:Gay Tanks Support Repealing of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" LawFebruary 2nd 2010
News:US General Fired Due To Poor F-35 Performance in Die-HardFebruary 2nd 2010
News:Toyota CEO Issued With 6,397,345 Speeding TicketsFebruary 1st 2010
News:British Godfather Ran Crime Empire Via Mafia WarsJanuary 31st 2010
News:Microsoft Respond to Apple iPad by Building Giant XboxJanuary 28th 2010
News:Scandal As Random Perspective Is Beaten To Award By Better WebsiteJanuary 27th 2010
News:Hollywood Releases Guidelines Telling Writers Who They Can KillJanuary 27th 2010
News:British Students Condemn AQA, Launch Facebook Group Protesting Having To LearnJanuary 26th 2010
News:Steve Jobs Spotted In Venezuela On Eve Of iSlate LaunchJanuary 26th 2010
News:Bristol Palin Tells Teens "No To Pre-marital Sex" – Vows To Break Other Taboos For The Good Of AmericaJanuary 24th 2010
News:Krafts Takeover of Cadbury Leads to the Creation of Hundreds of PunsJanuary 19th 2010
News:Amendments to the Ten Commandments Found in Lisbon TreatyJanuary 18th 2010
News:UKIP Set Up "Xenophobes Anonymous" For Former BNP VotersJanuary 17th 2010
News:Obama Considering Deploying Peace-keeping Troops to NBCJanuary 16th 2010
News:Ecclestone Unveils 2010 Edition of "Bernie's Crazy Idea!"January 15th 2010
News:Al-Qaeda Angry that US Media Does a Better Job at Scaring AmericansJanuary 14th 2010
News:David Cameron "Wants to be New Doctor Who"January 13th 2010
News:Man Constructs Life-sized Snow Sculpture Of BritainJanuary 12th 2010
News:Fox News: 2008 Elections Perfect Platform To Launch New AnchorJanuary 11th 2010
News:Facebook Helps Remind Man Why He Lost Contact With All His Old FriendsJanuary 10th 2010
News:New NASA iPhone App lets you drive the Rovers on MarsNovember 10th 2009
News:Obama awarded Nobel Prize for Peace, Chemistry, Physics, Time TravelOctober 10th 2009
News:First Clown Sent Into SpaceSeptember 30th 2009
News:RyanAir Unveils "Urinate in your seat" Cost-saving PolicyMarch 1st 2009
News:April 2nd Started 1 Day EarlyApril 1st 2007
News:World Laughs as Stupid Pretty Girl Suffers Mental BreakdownFebruary 27th 2007
News:James Cameron Discovers Jesus's Tomb – 'Jesus Park' to Hit Theatres Fall '07February 26th 2007
News:David Cameron: “Single Mothers are Incompetent... and I'm Gay”February 16th 2007
News:David Cameron "Beat Up 8 Year Old Child"February 11th 2007
News:Britain Flocks to See 17 Year Old Boy's PenisFebruary 6th 2007
News:British Public: Jade Goody Deserves her Millions of PoundsJanuary 17th 2007
News:Demand for Young Working People Grows as UK Life Expectancy Hits Record HighNovember 21st 2006
News:Virgin Trains Passengers Asked to Push Start Broken Down TrainOctober 31st 2006
News:Random Perspective Proves Most Internet Users are StupidOctober 10th 2006
Editorial:Why I'm super ticked off with the Lost producers about Season 3October 9th 2006
News:US Cinemas Refuse to Show Bush Assassination Film Until He is AssassinatedOctober 8th 2006
News:President Bush Pardons Self for War Crimes, Torture, Parking TicketSeptember 30th 2006
News:Ken Livingstone Pledges ED-209 Robot Army to Combat PigeonsSeptember 29th 2006
News:Plumbers Fear that Expansion of EU may Harm Their LifestyleSeptember 26th 2006
News:US Government Denies Bin Laden "I am Dead" Videotape is a FakeSeptember 23rd 2006
News:Bush Blames Pakistan Threat on Administrative ErrorSeptember 22nd 2006
News:NHS Staff Expect Strike to Kill Public Hearts and MindsSeptember 21st 2006
News:Western Tourists Amused by Thailand CoupSeptember 20th 2006
News:John O'Farrell Invents 'British' WheelSeptember 18th 2006
News:Random Perspective listed 3rd on Al-Qaeda's Priorities ListSeptember 16th 2006
News:Animal Welfare Group Condemns Discovery Networks Over Irwin Death FootageSeptember 8th 2006
News:Blair Announces He Will Quit Within One “Blair”-YearSeptember 7th 2006
News:Random Perspective Celebrates First Year Without April 1st UpdateApril 1st 2006
SPECIALJack Bauer Shoots Down the Starship EnterpriseMarch 3rd 2006
SPECIALJack Bauer to Die in Fox's 24February 28th 2006
News:Man Killed By No-Smoking SignFebruary 20th 2006
News:75% of Americans Believe Everything They ReadFebruary 17th 2006
News:Early Sketch Shows That Benjamin Franklin Invented the iPodFebruary 16th 2006
News:Quail Grateful to Harry Whittington for Taking Dick Cheney's ShotFebruary 16th 2006
News:Government Authorizes Forming of No-Smoking Death Squads After Voting for Smoking BanFebruary 15th 2006
News:Holland Officially More Gullible Than USAFebruary 11th 2006
News:Business Booming for Danish Flag MakerFebruary 9th 2006
Article:The Spiderman InterviewFebruary 1st 2006
News:Bush Forgets Punch Line To Oil JokeFebruary 1st 2006
News:Church of Definitive Laws Offended by New Religious Hate LawsJanuary 31st 2006
News:Tom Cruise is Officially GayJanuary 25th 2006
News:Whale Unhappy About Congestion Charge FineJanuary 21st 2006
News:Legalised Prostitution – Random Perspective Asks the Important QuestionsJanuary 17th 2006
News:Kenneth Clarke to Stand in Liberal Democrat Leadership ElectionJanuary 8th 2006
News:David Cameron Confirms His Intention to Finish Third in Next General ElectionDecember 18th 2005
News:George Bush Finally Submits to Torture BanDecember 15th 2005
News:White House Sues “The Onion” to Cover up Iran Invasion PlanOctober 28th 2005
News:Charity Donors Really Annoyed Their Donations Are Going to AmericansSeptember 7th 2005
News:Apple Unveil iPod / CD HybridSeptember 7th 2005
News:Bush's Scientists Prepare Paper Showing Katrina had Nothing to do with Climate ChangeSeptember 6th 2005
News:Saddam Hussein to Hire Michael Jackson's LawyerMay 17th 2005
News:Microsoft Promises Xbox 360 Hardware Supports More Sophisticated “Blue Screen of Death” Than Playstation 3May 17th 2005
SPECIALReal New Yorkers Concerned that Fictional New York will be Destroyed if Jack Bauer FailsMay 11th 2005
News:All Formula 1 Circuits to Feature Chicane Named After Jacques VilleneuveApril 16th 2005
News:Random Perspective Finally Updates Website After 6 Weeks RestApril 1st 2005
Forum:A new baby Beckham...February 20th 2005
SPECIAL37% of Americans Believe Jack Bauer is RealFebruary 20th 2005
News:Ban on Hunting With Dogs Sees Huge Increase in Hunting With CatsFebruary 17th 2005
News:British Public Vote for Charles to Marry Keira KnightleyFebruary 13th 2005
News:MPAA Release DivX Proof MovieFebruary 12th 2005
News:Britain to Hold Referendum on Charles/Camilla MarriageFebruary 10th 2005
News:Captain Kirk Fires Scotty for General Crappiness of his CommunicatorFebruary 6th 2005
News:ITV to Make “Who Wants to be a Political Assassin” Following Result of “Vote for Me”January 25th 2005
Editorial:Dickson, Dickson, DICKSON! I want to first for Dickson!January 24th 2005
News:Marlboro Cancels ‘Kiddarettes’ ProgrammeJanuary 12th 2005
News:How to Avoid Being Fooled by a News Satire StoryJanuary 11th 2005
News:Availability of Brad Pitt Hits Share Prices of Jack RabbitJanuary 9th 2005
News:BBC to Screen Edition of Horizon Proving Mary was not a VirginJanuary 9th 2005
News:Australia Currently Leading the Tsunami Relief CompetitionJanuary 8th 2005
News:View the Best, the Funniest and the Sickest Tsunami Jokes Here Today…January 8th 2005
News:Christian Protesters Blame Tsunami on the BBC’s Decision to Broadcast Jerry Springer OperaJanuary 8th 2005
News:Mark Baese Revealed to be Heir of Gullibavaria IslandJanuary 6th 2005
News:Tragedy as Thousands of Western Tourists are Stranded in AsiaDecember 26th 2004
News:Michael Jackson Gives His DNA to Authorities; Now Officially Classed as a MannequinDecember 6th 2004
News:British Government Plans to Block Tobacco WebsitesDecember 6th 2004
News:Computer Users More Likely to go BlindNovember 16th 2004
News:European Space Probe Arrives in Cheese ShopNovember 16th 2004
News:Discovery of ‘God Gene’ Increases Pressure on Scientists to Refine Genetic EngineeringNovember 16th 2004
News:Bush Blames Increase in Multiheaded Animals on Gay MarriagesNovember 15th 2004
News:John Kerry to Replace Colin Powell, beating Condoleezza Rice, as Secretary of StateNovember 15th 2004
News:European Intelligence Services Claim Website is Funded by Al-QaedaNovember 15th 2004
News:Michael Howard Sacked as Tory Leader After Denying He is a VampireNovember 14th 2004
News:Bush and Blair Lock in Passionate Embrace During Press ConferenceNovember 13th 2004
News:John Kerry Elected President of San AndreasNovember 12th 2004
News:Broken Telephone Forces Blair to Fly to White HouseNovember 12th 2004
News:Budweiser Admits They Have Added Ecstasy – Not Caffeine – to “B-to-the-E”October 6th 2004
News:Headteacher Shocked as Ask Jeeves Throws Up PornOctober 6th 2004
News:Democrats Call for Bush to be Banned From Presidential ElectionOctober 6th 2004
News:Woolworth’s Early Christmas Celebrations Spawns the “Anti Christmas Suicide Squad.”October 5th 2004
News:Conservatives Vow To Finish Third In Next General ElectionOctober 4th 2004
News:Labour Announces Plans to Turn Silverstone Into a Housing EstateSeptember 30th 2004
News:Church of England to Open McDonald’s Restaurants to Attract Back WorshippersSeptember 26th 2004
News:Osama Bin Laden Severely Criticised By Fellow Al-Qaeda MembersSeptember 17th 2004
News:Sun Claim Reporter has been Working Undercover in House of Commons as Prime MinisterSeptember 15th 2004
News:United Nations to Outlaw Vegetarianism in New Environmental GuidelinesSeptember 11th 2004
News:Beckhams’ Third Child to be Named DurexAugust 29th 2004
News:Paula Radcliffe Secures Multi Million Nicorette Sponsorship DealAugust 26th 2004
OLD2January 4th 2003
OLD2January 4th 2003
News:Tony Blair to Stand Down as Prime Minister; Tony Blair 2.0 to Take OverJuly 12th 2004
Submission:Shocking News!July 11th 2004
Editorial:London’s Formula 1 Regent’s Street Display Poor Advertisement for the OlympicsJuly 11th 2004
IMAGELISTImages from Regent's Street Formula 1 parade 06/07/2004July 6th 2003
News:Americans Annoyed as 4th of July Becomes Just Another British Bank HolidayJuly 4th 2004
News:USA Recaptured by British Whilst Americans Busy With 4th of July CelebrationsJuly 4th 2004
News:Liberals Would Rather Saddam Hussein Receive Death Penalty Through a Fair TrialJuly 1st 2004
Submission:Public Smoking Ban Will Hit Buddhists HardJuly 1st 2004
Submission:Schoolgirl Sues Jack for £10MJune 30th 2004
News:Scientists Discover All Vauxhall Corsa Driver’s Share Female DNAJune 30th 2004
Submission:Bush And Blair to Invade Isle of ManJune 22nd 2004
News:Renault Make Car That Rejects English FlagsJune 19th 2004
News:Bush Cancels Invasion of CanadaJune 17th 2004
News:Local Artist Moves Birmingham 1 inch to the LeftJune 15th 2004
Submission:Postal Votes And The Oppression Of FemalesJune 14th 2004
News:Football Pundits Complain Televised Dramatisation Not Accurate As France Beat EnglandJune 13th 2004
News:NASA Boss Orders Scientists To Develop Robots To Run NASAJune 6th 2004
News:Norton Antivirus Rebranded As Lord Voldemort To Fight Harry Potter VirusJune 4th 2004
News:Chinese Authorities Demand Britney Spears Covers Up - Misses The Point Of Britney's ConcertsJune 2nd 2004
News:Michael Schumacher Wins Canadian Grand PrixMay 30th 2004
News:FBI Arrest Brad Pitt For Creating Trojan HorseMay 28th 2004
News:Playstation Console Wins “Parent of the Year” AwardMay 28th 2004
News:Bush Plans To Demolish International Embarrassment With Abu Ghraib PrisonMay 27th 2004
News:George Bush To Hire Stunt Double Following Bicycle AccidentMay 23rd 2004
News:Permanent Marker Industry Predicts Big Boom Follow David Beckham’s Tattoo May 22nd 2004
Submission:British Prime Minister Gets Flour Delivered By Condom.May 21st 2003
News:Flour-Filled Condom Attack “The New September 11th” Declares PressMay 20th 2004
News:MPs Successfully Infect City of London With Purple FlourMay 19th 2004
News:Public Unaware That Paintball Session Scheduled In House of Commons Was CancelledMay 19th 2004
News:Bush To Make Film To Oust Michael Moore From HollywoodMay 18th 2004
News:Mass Panic As BBC Blow Up Canary Wharf In Simulated Terrorist AttackMay 18th 2004
News:World Shocked As Pope Remains UndeadMay 18th 2004
News:Random Perspective Duped By Serial Hoax ArtistsMay 17th 2004
News:Bush Considers Regime Change Plans For MassachusettsMay 17th 2004
News:X-Prize Contender SpaceShipOne Grounded As Al-Qaeda Threaten To Blow Up MoonMay 15th 2004
News:Apple To Sue Chris Martin And Gwyneth Paltrow Over Choice Of Baby’s NameMay 15th 2004
News:Lord Hutton Disappointed Inquiry Not Needed To Sack Piers MorganMay 13th 2004
News:Public Opinion Of Bush Administration Saved By The Beheading Of Nicholas BergMay 13th 2004
News:Virtual Paedophile Stock Market Predicted To Be Huge SuccessMay 10th 2004
Editorial:Changes to F1 Regulations: One Random Perspective on how Formula 1 should be.May 8th 2004
News:Captain Scarlet To Become New MI6 ChiefMay 6th 2004
News:Bush Confused By Dictionary – calls Iraq Pictures ‘Abhorrent’May 5th 2004
News:Daily Mirror Editor Pier Morgan Burns Union Jack! Exclusive Photos…May 3rd 2004
News:Scientists Develop Solution For Britain’s Poor Dental HygieneMay 3rd 2004
News:David Beckham News Attracts A Lot Of HitsMay 2nd 2004
News:Increasing Number of Pet Owners Putting Themselves In DangerMay 1st 2004
News:Bush’s Private Performance Was First Class Says September 11th CommissionApril 30th 2004
Editorial:Why Can’t I Be More Like Mark Baese?April 29th 2004
News:People Allowed To Clone Babies So Long As They Keep Them As PetsApril 28th 2004
News:Formula 1: Coulthard Asks If He Can Leave Caravan Behind At Next Grand PrixApril 25th 2004
News:US Troops Urges Britain To Move To BaghdadApril 23rd 2004
News:David Beckham Affair Sparks Increase In Cheating Teenage BoyfriendsApril 19th 2004
News:Victoria Beckham Disappointed That Nobody Claims To Have Had Affair With HerApril 18th 2004
News:Modern Era Of Air Dominance Jet Fighter To Level Playing FieldApril 14th 2004
News:British Team Intends To Win X PrizeApril 8th 2004
News:Government Promises Postal Internet Scheme For Rural AreasApril 7th 2004
News:EU Demands Microsoft Makes Media Player More Like PaintApril 5th 2004
News:BREAKING NEWS: Random Perspective Editor Admits To PlagiarismApril 1st 2004
News:Blair: “Weapons of Mass Destruction Claims Were an April Fools Joke”April 1st 2004
Editorial:I Don’t Need To See “The Passion” To Know It’s RubbishMarch 29th 2004
News:Superpowers Intended For Britain’s FBI Styled Police ForceMarch 29th 2004
News:Astronomers Declassify Pluto In Effort To Feel Less StupidMarch 16th 2004
News:Blair Vows To Fight Dennis The MenaceMarch 14th 2004
News:World’s Media Disappointed No Major Landmarks Were Destroyed In Madrid AttacksMarch 12th 2004
News:Discovery Of Three Headed Frog Increases Demand For 3 Headed PetsMarch 7th 2004
News:Patrick Stewart Slams Hollywood ViolenceMarch 6th 2004
News:Kerry Demands Handicap To Help Fight Fair ElectionMarch 5th 2004
News:First French Troops Surrender In HaitiMarch 1st 2004
News:Keeping Secrets No Longer Necessary In British Secret ServiceFebruary 25th 2004
News:Red Cross Determines That Captured Saddam Hussein Is A MannequinFebruary 22nd 2004
News:Webmaster Annoyed Major News Story Didn’t Happen In Time For 200th ArticleFebruary 22nd 2004
News:Arnold Schwarzenegger To Blast Deadly Gay Unions With Rail GunFebruary 21st 2004
News:New FBI Anti Piracy Logo Scuppers PiratesFebruary 20th 2004
News:Bubonic Plague Vaccine Developed Too Late For Black DeathFebruary 19th 2004
News:Inhabitants of RX J1242-11 Galaxy Devastated By Earth Astronomers’ ReactionFebruary 19th 2004
News:The Darkness Follow the Trend and Slam RadioheadFebruary 18th 2004
News:Europe’s Future Safe In The Hands of Britain, France And GermanyFebruary 18th 2004
News:British Government To Supply Arms To Red SquirrelsFebruary 18th 2004
News:Disney To Revert Back To Stick Men For Next MovieFebruary 18th 2004
News:NASA Would Save Hubble If It Was A Giant Orbiting Space CannonFebruary 18th 2004
News:Tescos Employee Disappointed Not To Reach Company Valentine’s Day StandardsFebruary 12th 2004
News:Experts Predict Virginity Auctions to be the Next Big BoomFebruary 11th 2004
News:NASA Insists That Hubble Must Meet Fiery EndFebruary 10th 2004
News:Bush Urges Europeans To Share The Death TollFebruary 8th 2004
News:Mydoom Hot Favourite to Win “Best Virus” OscarFebruary 4th 2004
News:Mydoom Virus Creator Tracked Down On MarsFebruary 1st 2004
News:BBC To Form Own Political Party For Next General ElectionJanuary 31st 2004
Editorial:Labour’s Britain Is Working Us Harder Than EverJanuary 27th 2004
News:Labour Claims Hutton Report is a “Boring Read”January 27th 2004
News:Team of Experts Take Boring Landscape Picture With World’s Most Expensive Digital CameraJanuary 15th 2004
News:Cellular Phones “Appear to be Safe” According to British ScientistsJanuary 14th 2004
News:British Demand to Know Who Howard Dean IsJanuary 14th 2004
News:Mars Rover Looking Forward To Welcome Home PartyJanuary 13th 2004
News:Random Perspective Doing Too Many ‘Kilroy’ ArticlesJanuary 13th 2004
News:Computer Games Players Struggle at ‘Real Life’January 13th 2004
News:Blue Peter Presenters to Swear As Watershed Threatens Freedom of SpeechJanuary 12th 2004
News:US Apologises For Accidentally Dropping 2,500 Practice-Bombs on IraqJanuary 12th 2004
News:Beckham: “Car Sex Was So-So”January 11th 2004
News:Arabs Prove Kilroy WrongJanuary 11th 2004
News:US To Send Planes To Alternative DestinationsJanuary 10th 2004
News:“I smoke 40 a day” George Bush Tells KoreansJanuary 10th 2004
News:Saddam Hussein to replace Kilroy?January 9th 2004
News:George Bush to Build Bridge to the MoonJanuary 9th 2004
News:End of Iraq Conflict Leaked Early on InternetJanuary 8th 2004
News:NASA Probe Discovers Evidence of Beagle Lander on MarsJanuary 4th 2004
News:Princess Anne’s Dog Reveals Tormented Past To Canine PsychologistJanuary 4th 2004
News:Random Perspective Editor Invents Time Machine and Travels 2 months Into The FutureJanuary 4th 2004
News:Secrets Exposed At Buckingham Palace As Bush Wets Royal BedNovember 21st 2003
News:Labour to Arrest Large Portion of Conservative VotersNovember 4th 2003
News:New Guidelines For Protecting Your Computer Against Viruses and HackersOctober 19th 2003
News:Chirac Desperate, Calls British “Friends”October 17th 2003
News:Iain Duncan Smith Admits Gun Crime Will Rise Under His VisionOctober 16th 2003
News:Virgin Rail To Send Trains Via RoadOctober 13th 2003
News:British Sugar Despatch Covert Team To Clear Out TescosOctober 10th 2003
News:Tories to Replace Iain Duncan Smith with a DalekOctober 9th 2003
News:Tories Forced to Recycle Old Slogan as More Relevant Suggestions are UselessOctober 8th 2003
News:Scientists Declare World’s Oldest Big Mac “Inedible”October 5th 2003
News:US Angry That Israel Attacked Syria FirstOctober 5th 2003
News:United States: “France Sold Iraq Almost As Many Weapons As We Did”October 5th 2003
News:US Determines that Saddam Hussein was ‘Bluffing’ about Weapons of Mass DestructionOctober 2nd 2003
News:Entire Budget for Final “Lord of the Rings” Film Blown on Sam/Frodo KissOctober 2nd 2003
News:Nokia To Release World's Smallest Cell PhoneOctober 1st 2003
News:World’s Oldest Man May Be LyingSeptember 24th 2003
News:Dead Man Told that He'll Never Fly a Plane, Play a Piano or Have Sex Again.September 25th 2003
News:International Human Rights Laws Prevent Planned Asylum Seeker Selling PolicySeptember 25th 2003
News:Voters are Unsatisfied with Tony Blair’s PerformanceSeptember 24th 2003
News:Buyer Complains that 1.44Mb Hard Disc Drive Purchased on E-Bay is just Floppy Disc Drive with a Disc jammed In ItSeptember 24th 2003
News:Website Updates With Pointless Update To Avoid Complaints From VisitorsSeptember 24th 2003
News:World Unimpressed with Bill Gates’ Puny $168m DonationSeptember 23rd 2003
News:NASA’s Safety Record in Tatters as Second Spacecraft Plunges to a Fiery EndSeptember 21st 2003
News:Mankind to Exhaust Creative Thinking by 2005September 21st 2003
News:UK Government Makes It Illegal to Receive Junk Mail, 100% of Internet Users to be arrested.September 20th 2003
News:Man Frustrated At His Inability to Complete SolitaireSeptember 20th 2003
News:Saddam Hussein to Follow Popular Audiotapes with Full AlbumSeptember 20th 2003
News:Non Pornographic Site Listed On Search Engine for Pornographic Search QuerySeptember 19th 2003
Editorial:Video Gaming Is Not Bad for YouSeptember 17th 2003
News:Latest Police Figures Show Tramp Bashing Up by 100%September 16th 2003 Shoplifter CaughtSeptember 15th 2003
News:Starving Child in Africa Volunteers to Trade Places with David BlaineSeptember 9th 2003
News:Meteor to Hit Earth – House Insurance Costs to RiseSeptember 7th 2003
News:Microsoft to Send Patches Via E-MailSeptember 5th 2003
News:Virtual Cloning a RealityAugust 27th 2003
News:Mars Close to Earth – Visits TescoAugust 26th 2003
News:Microsoft Claims To Have Thwarted Internet WormAugust 16th 2003
News:2003 A-Levels Produce Record Number of Ungrateful StudentsAugust 15th 2003
News:AOL to remove “AOL” from NameAugust 12th 2003
News:God’s Lightning Bolt Machine Breaks Down – Unable to Electrocute Gene RobinsonAugust 7th 2003
News:Iraq Rotating Presidency System Will Be Alphabetically Ordered; ANtony Charles Linton Blair to Go FirstJuly 30th 2003
News:US Bury the Bodies of Saddam’s Sons; Soldier Who Shot Them Hangs Their Heads on his Wall.July 30th 2003
News:US Received Intelligence That Saddam Has Recently Quit Major British (Terrorist) Organisation.July 28th 2003
News:Mad Russian Teaches Cats to Juggle and Unicycle Through Flaming Hoops; Western Scientists Declare it Impossible to get Supercomputer to Play Tetris.July 28th 2003
News:Republicans Push for New “No Back Entry” Law to apply to Houses and Other BuildingsJuly 26th 2003
News:Britney Spears Naked – PICTURES ON THIS SITE!!July 23rd 2003
News:Government Attempted to Hide Evidence They Lied in John PrescottJuly 23rd 2003
News:Chat Room Users Disgusted to find their Cyber Lovers are Cheating on ThemJuly 21st 2003
News:Teachers Deny They Teach for the Presents as “Gifts for your Tutor” Magazine is LaunchedJuly 20th 2003
News:New White House Email system confirms 100% Support for BushJuly 19th 2003
News:BBC Ordered to Stop Referring to itself in Third PersonJuly 19th 2003
News:FAQ: SatireSearch and HumorfeedFebruary 20th 2002
News:Random Perspective develops KICK BOTTOM Generator of for SatireJuly 14th 2003
News:Congress demands for the Aircraft Carrier, USS Great Briton, to be recalled from the Middle EastJuly 13th 2003
News:Britney Spears is NOT a Virgin; Men Worldwide Are Now Puzzled Why She Turned Them Down.July 9th 2003
Editorial:You City Types have No Idea How Easy it is for you to get SexJuly 1st 2003
News:Marlboro Submits Alternative Design For Replacement World Trade CenterJune 28th 2003
News:More Men Masturbate Using Junk Emails Than Porn SitesJune 26th 2003
News:Saddam Hussein Asked to Leave Windsor Castle and to Take Those Weapons of Mass Destruction with Him.June 25th 2003
News:Changes to Wimbledom Cause Lleyton Hewitt to be Knocked Out After Falling into the Pit of DoomJune 24th 2003
News:Internet Community Pleads With Bush to Initiate World War 3June 23rd 2003
News:Playboy Hailed As Great Literary ArtJune 21st 2003
Forum:We're all entitled to our own opinions. What's the most ridiculous opinion you have?June 21st 2002
News:All Great Satire Articles are StolenJune 21st 2003
News:Real Madrid to move to Beckingham PalaceJune 19th 2003
News:Security for New Harry Potter Books Greater than Security at Nuclear Missile SilosJune 18th 2003
News:Local Businesses are Glad at Thieving Local Kids’ Pocket MoneyJune 18th 2003
News:Prince William To Appear in Max PowerJune 17th 2003
News:Random Perspective Writes Crappy ‘Clip Show’ 100th News ArticleJune 14th 2003
News:David Beckham to be ShotJune 14th 2003 To Become High Brow Arts WebsiteJune 13th 2003
News:Scientists Unable to Determine Whether Friday 13th Is Actually UnluckyJune 13th 2003
News:Random Perspective Demands “Replace That Fascist Union Flag Now”June 11th 2003
News:Ariel Sharon Suffers Triple Heart-attack, Falls Backwards Off of Chair and Questions Whether this is RealityJune 10th 2003
News:Easyjet flights to Iraq cancelled as ‘Blair Force One’ gets the go aheadJune 10th 2003
News:US Government Blames Fund Raising for World Water ProblemsJune 7th 2003
News:Strong Evidence of Life on Mars as Sojourner Probe is ClampedJune 7th 2003
News:Nuke-Carrying Iraqi Supersonic Stealth Bomber turns out to be a ModelJune 4th 2003
News:Returned Statue of Tony Blair not the One Stolen from IraqJune 4th 2003
News:Underfunded Government Department Fails to Spend £400millionJune 3rd 2003
News:Bush Attends Political Meetings in his “Virtual Suit”June 2nd 2003
Editorial:How Come the Internet Knows About My Sexual Inadequacies?June 1st 2003
News:Bush Attends Political Meetings in his “Virtual Suit”June 2nd 2003
News:Deep Hole Outside White House is not a Nuclear BunkerMay 29th 2003
Article:A Writers Guide for Internet SatireMay 28th 2003
News:Rumsfeld fails to find Weapons of Mass Destruction, Blair sent inMay 28th 2003
News:Hail to the Thief: Random Perspective ReviewMay 27th 2003
News:Judge Jokingly Accuses Woman of Being a TerroristMay 24th 2003
News:Concrete Blocks Around Houses of Parliament are there to Protect Ordinary LondonersMay 23rd 2003
News:Student Complains that Quidditch is not on School’s CurriculumMay 22nd 2003
News:Euro Referendum to be replaced by a Toss of a CoinMay 22nd 2003
News:Dumped Boyfriend Rubbishes Claims that Guys are Less Committed to RelationshipsMay 22nd 2003
News:South Africa: Major Historical Figure meets Some Old ManMay 21st 2003
News:NASA Announces Flights Over Mars – Easyjet Offers Better DealMay 21st 2003
News:Microsoft Admits Possible Passport Security Vulnerability as Hotmail becomes “Bill Gates’s Bestial Orgy Sludge Fest”May 19th 2003
News:Historians Discover that Cavemen Invented SatireMay 14th 2003
News:Tories Plan ‘Fair Deal’ for BritainMay 14th 2003
Article:Random Perspective Revision GuideMay 13th 2003
News:Tory Backbenchers: “IDS too unpopular to be ‘Worst Briton’”May 11th 2003
News:Tory Gains Explained as Labour Postal Votes get Mailed to Random Perspective HQMay 11th 2003
News:Bush Gets Lost on Middle East Roadmap and Demands Wal-Mart DisarmsMay 11th 2003
News:Alien Scientists Declare: “Anglers Can’t Feel Pain”May 10th 2003
News:Chess Champion Ignores Iain Duncan-SmithMay 9th 2003
News:Sex Banned in School ProspectusMay 8th 2003
News:Beckhams Buy FranceMay 8th 2003
News:Bill Clinton Offers to Search for Saddam Hussein on Cyber Sex Chat roomsMay 7th 2003
News:Labour Considers Axing The Conservative PartyMay 6th 2003
News:Iraqi Information Minister Joins Random PerspectiveMay 4th 2003
News:Michael Douglass and Catherine Zeta Jones to Stop WorkingMay 2nd 2003
News:Bush Orders Interrogation of Space Shuttle SurvivorsMay 2nd 2003
News:Saeed al-Sahhaf Steals Car, Burns American Flags and Graffiti’s US Tanks but doesn’t get arrestedMay 1st 2003
Editorial:Why Do Old People Think Their Opinion Is Always Right?May 1st 2003
News:Saddam Hussein Misses UK Gun AmnestyApril 30th 2003
News:Random Perspective Forum to Replace United NationsApril 30th 2003
News:Weather Forecast for 1st May - 7th May 2003April 30th 2003
News:Bush Promises to Veto any French/Chinese Resolution on SARSApril 29th 2003
News:Britain Worsens Iraqi Humanitarian CrisisApril 29th 2003
Forum:Who is the leader of the Conservative Party?April 27th 2002
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News:Daily Telegraph discovers that Saddam Hussein read the Daily MirrorApril 27th 2003
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News:New Sex Play Requires Complete Attention of Scotland YardApril 25th 2003
News:Galloway prevented Saddam Hussein from obtaining Weapons of Mass DestructionApril 23rd 2003
News:Conflict in Iraq finishes just in time for the SnookerApril 19th 2003
News:US Army Release Iraq-themed Playing Cards – Regime Based Monopoly to follow soon…April 12th 2003
News:Britain to sue US GovernmentApril 12th 2003
News:Only 3 Iraqis see Blair/Bush BroadcastApril 11th 2003
News:Iraqi Information Minister to Host “Have I Got News For You”April 9th 2003
News:Amateur Movie Maker Plans SequelApril 3rd 2003
News:Iraqi Bullet Shot Across Border May Contain Chemical or Biological AgentsApril 2nd 2003
News:Spider: “My Image was used without my permission”April 1st 2003
Editorial:New Website LayoutApril 1st 2003
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News:For SaleApril 1st 2003
News:Doadload-A-....April 1st 2003
News:Need a lover?April 1st 2003
News:Need a life?April 1st 2003
News:Lonely on MSN?April 1st 2003
News:Peace ProtestApril 1st 2003
News:Tony Blair Fires Clare Short... At IraqMarch 12th 2003
News:Osama Bin Laden Streaks through Washington DCMarch 10th 2003
News:Bush Reasons Cut in Education BudgetMarch 10th 2003
Flash:Chucky EggMarch 7th 2003
News:Bush beat Hans Blix at ‘Hide and Seek’March 6th 2003
News:American Arrested for Wearing a T-ShirtMarch 6th 2003
News:War with Iraq could destroy Ancient ArtefactsMarch 6th 2003
News:Overwhelming Public Support for WarMarch 6th 2003
News:Bush and Blair Slip Laxative into French Representative’s DrinkMarch 5th 2003
News:Bush can Name All Enemy Nations – but can he spell them?March 5th 2003
News:Jedi Knights' Plan BackfiresMarch 4th 2003
News:Captain Kirk’s Ancestor Not BornMarch 3rd 2003
News:Iraq Surrounds the Rest of the WorldMarch 2nd 2003
News:West Attempts to convince Saddam to convert to DemocracyMarch 1st 2003
News:Bush Outlines his plans for IraqFebruary 27th 2003
News:USA Successfully Develops and Tests Time MachineFebruary 27th 2003
News:GCSE Pass Rate Up, Teenage Pregnancy Rate DownFebruary 23rd 2003
News:President Bush Finishes Painting Fence RedFebruary 20th 2003
News:EXCLUSIVE: “Websites are Unreliable”February 19th 2003
News:Ferrari Deny Schumacher BiasFebruary 12th 2003
News:British Gas Adverts responsible for most SuicidesFebruary 10th 2003
News:Outrage At ITV’s 2002 Formula One coverageFebruary 10th 2003
News:Shock Horror: Speed Cameras Catch Speeding DriversFebruary 10th 2003
News:Replacement Entrance Exam for Cambridge UniversityFebruary 7th 2003
News:The Most Important Piece of News EverFebruary 7th 2003
News:Blair Claims All Out War with Iraq will help deal with Asylum SeekersFebruary 4th 2003
News:Tabloids Split over Snowy WeatherFebruary 3rd 2003
News:Iain Duncan-Smith shows off New TattooJanuary 29th 2003
News:Brazil beats Team of Super Computers at FootballJanuary 29th 2003
News:NASA denies the Moon Landings were fakedJanuary 28th 2003
News:Bush Publishes List of Terrorists still UncaughtJanuary 28th 2003
News:Evil Website Hacker given a Justified Life SentenceJanuary 28th 2003
News:New BT Broadband Advertising is more HonestJanuary 27th 2003
News:Major University concludes that Junk E-Mail Annoys the Hell out of PeopleJanuary 27th 2003
News:Sun reader learns how to use Internet. Sun website gains purpose.January 26th 2003
News:New Radiohead Album Debuts at Number 1January 22nd 2003
News:Leaked Government Document causes OutrageJanuary 21st 2003
News:'Iraq' the only the word in New English DictionaryJanuary 21st 2003
Article:Off to MarsJanuary 20th 2003
News:LOTR fans annoyed at changes to the Final Film’s finaleJanuary 19th 2003
News:Sportman Faces Disciplinary ChargesJanuary 18th 2003
News:Happy new January 6th!January 6th 2003
News:Billions of Children are without PresentsDecember 25th 2002
News:Scientists Ponder Monkey TestDecember 25th 2002
Flash:Have I Got News For YouNovember 26th 2002
Flash:George Bush's DesktopNovember 26th 2002
Article:Microsoft PersonalityNovember 25th 2002
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